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We provide a wide range of personnel for warehouse operations, consistently ensuring the quality and punctuality of our workforce. Our primary focus is on meeting all our clients' needs and delivering an excellent final product. The majority of our personnel either possess prior experience in similar roles or have undergone thorough training and orientation to streamline the onboarding process. We offer the following positions In addition to others.

- Picker

- Packer

- Worklift Driver

- Team Lead

- Shipping and Receiving Clerk 

- Stock Clerk


  • General Information

    We provide personnel with all the requested characteristics, maintaining a high quality standard, after the arrival of the personnel, you have 2 hours for ask us to change or the same is taken as accepted.

    The hourly charge is generated from the moment of arrival of the personnel and until the moment they leave the work site, the minimum working hours are 4, so after requesting the personnel, a minimum of 4 hours will be charged for each person presented on the job site



    After the personnel enter the work site and remain for more than 2 hours, the personnel will be considered accepted and no return of money will be generated.

  • Delivery of personnel and cancellation

    The staff must always show up 15 minutes before the time of entry to work, for the cancellation policy, it must be informed at least 24 hours before the time of entry of the staff, otherwise, a notice will be made to the staff, but a total of 4 hours will be charged per person who shows up at the job site

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